Where to Buy Tortilla Press?

Called a “Tortilladora” in Mexico, the humble tortilla press is undoubtedly a staple in a typical Mexican kitchen. Are you looking for a high-quality tortilla press at a great price?

We’ve reviewed some of the best tortilla presses available keeping in mind features construction and value here’s our list to narrow down the best tortilla press for your needs and we think that buying utensils online is the best option out there.

Our Picks

  1. Chef Secret 8 Inch Red Tortilla Press

This 8-inch press is notable for its eye-catching red finish and heavy-duty construction, We used it for multiple tortilla cooking sessions and it works amazingly well it has features such as rust proof resiliency and easy cleaning perhaps most importantly using it is very simple.

So if you want a tortilla press that is stylish durable and easy to use you’ll want to check this one out.

  1. Heavy Gauge Manual Restaurant Cast-Iron Tortilla Press By Smart Cook

There are many things to like about this unit but for the build quality and value what makes this model really stand out the fact that it’s super simple to make it great for flour corn the pancake and other breaded food prep as well.

  1. KooK eight-inch cast-iron tortilla press

You will want to try this model if you want a basic quality press at a low price. When you want a simple in high-quality tortilla press you will surely do great with this one this is also an 8-inch unit but it has been pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil.

This makes it not only good for tortillas you can make Tostones, Empanadas, Arepas dumplings, mini pie shells and more this press was not only fast and easy to use but also low maintenance.

  1. Cucina Pro Tortilla Maker

The Cucina Pro is the only electronic option on our list while this unit does come with a slightly higher price point it works great if you want one of the most streamlined tortilla-making experiences available it can easily make 10-inch tortillas. Cleanup is a snap overall; we truly appreciated the convenience of the Cucina pro.

  1. Victoria 6.5 inch cast-iron Tortilla Press and Pataconera

The reason why this product is a best seller is that it delivers a high standard of quality you can rely on built with seasoned hand cast iron. It’s very resilient and will last for years of use this model comes in two sizes you can choose from 6.5 inches and 8 inches. You would expect for years to come this is the choice for you.

To End

These are all great models to choose from if you want a durable and reliable tortilla press you can’t go wrong plus if you want to have a better look go check your local store to have a hands-on with the mention products. Happy tortilla making.