What to look for before buying a Guinea Pig Cage?

Guinea pigs, other than being their very cute selves are also very friendly, interactive and healthy eaters! It’s said that guinea pigs are one of the most social kinds of rodents in the mammals’ category.

If you’re thinking about extending your family with an addition of a pet, these tiny furballs that grow up to be three pounds later on might be just the right choice for you.

To help you choose a home for your guinea pig, here’s a go-to guide on which to choose and what to do next.

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Everything About Guinea Pig Cage

It must be mentioned that other than guinea pigs being social, easy to tame, they also need space—a lot of it.

There are many options for you to choose from, but it’s really important that you realize that since you’re taking up a new responsibility, you need to learn to provide them with the best you can.

It’s recommended that you provide your piggy with about seven to ten square feet of space. Here’s a list of guinea pig cage you can select for your guinea pig:

  • Aquariums

This is the first choice generally because mainly it comes cheap and is easier to clean.

Unfortunately, using the cheap way will only cause your pet to suffer in the long run. Housing your pet in a confined area, will prevent healthy air circulation and also cause them to become skittish.

  • Pet Store Cages

Even though they are labeled with certain sizes, pet store cages don’t really fulfill the minimum requirement of seven square feet.

They can be bought with the mentality of ‘starter homes’, but since guinea pigs are long-term partners, it’s better to go for a long-term housing system.

  • Cubes and Chloroplast

Heard of the gold standard housing system? This is it. These cages are made of cube grids and chloroplasts. They are easy to clean and will provide your piggy with lots of space and can be linked with both feeling and the traditional softer bedding.

  • Homemade Cages

These really can be anything, if you’re big on the imagination and creative department—as well as are smart enough to make it safe. For instance, a child’s swimming pool can be used as a home for your piggy after you make sure that it cannot jump out.

Decorate their Home

  • Bedding. For bedding use hay or the new recycling paper beddings.
  • Nest box. Provide a nest box, which is literally a necessity. Your piggy needs its hiding place.
  • Toys. Crumpled paper, hard cat toys or cardboard boxes, whatever interests them. Provide exercise pens, can be made out of wire.
  • Food and Water. Use ceramic bowls to provide food and bottles with a steel spout and ball for water.

Get your piggy!

Now that you’ve learned about the what-to-dos, it’s important that you also realize that this is a long term relationship. Just make sure, that you two are always on the same page.

Now with a happy and committed mindset, bring your cavy home!