What to Look for Before Buying A Chinchilla Cage?

Chinchillas are adorable rodents that can light up your life with their energetic and playful nature. You in return need to take good care of them so they continue to stay healthy and happy. One of the first steps in getting a Chinchilla is to look for a cage. Before you begin the search, read some Chinchilla Cage reviews first.

A cage for a chinchilla, for starters, should be well adjusted. There should be enough room for them to move about, as Chinchillas tend to be very energetic pets. Some of them can jump even up to 6 feet. So it’s your job to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

In this guide, we will consider the things to consider before buying a Chinchilla cage.

  • Material

The material is important when it comes to your Chinchilla’s overall safety. Chinchillas tend to chew, meaning they will chew on the cage too. Avoid any material that can be chewed and ingested, like plastic.

Instead, look for materials such as galvanized steel. They are pricier, but also a great investment as they are sturdier so they’ll last longer.

While looking for cages, make sure that the trays are made of metal as well. Usually, they come with plastic trays, so try to find an online seller who can customize your order.

 Tip: Give your chinchilla toys to reduce the chewing on cages.

  • Space

Like already mentioned, Chinchillas are playful and energetic, so they’ll run around the cage. Give them enough space to do that.

If your pocket can afford it, go for the largest size. In case of space is an issue, look for multi-storied cages so they still have the option of running and jumping.

Tip: A cage with 3X2X2 feet measurements is a good option.

  • Style

Chinchilla cages generally come in two styles: solid and wire mesh flooring. it’s better that you avoid the wire mesh as they hurt the feet. The reason they are available in the market is that they are easier to clean.

But damaging your pet’s feet just because of your comfort is selfish. Keeping the chinchilla in such condition can even result in sore hocks or Pododermatitis, which is inflammation on the paws. So choose the one with a solid floor.

Tip: If you can’t avoid getting a wire mesh floor, place a wooden block inside so that the chinchilla can rest.

  • Breathability

Chinchillas are sensitive when it comes to heat and humidity, so you need to place your cage in a place with suitable conditions. Don’t buy an enclosed cage as they tend to get overheated. Plastic bins should be avoided for the same reason.

An ideal temperature range is 15 to 20 degrees. Don’t place the cage near fans or furnace vents.

  • Ease of Cleaning

A large cage is better for you when it comes to cleaning, as the chinchilla won’t roll in the muck as often. A cage that comes with a pan or deep tray is better for easy cleanup.

Buy A Chinchilla Cage to Keep It Happy!

Look for suitable options as mentioned in this guide, and you should find a perfect cage for your chinchilla. They are happy and energetic pets, and doing proper research before committing to a cage can help ensure that.