Ideal Kitchen for Happy Cooking – Newbie’s Guide

A kitchen is a place that reminds us of love, compassion and celebrating the simple moments of our lives. An ideal kitchen is the one that embraces your personality. If you are an artsy person, your kitchen will be full of art pieces and favoring the aesthetics.

If you like a polished room, your kitchen will have neutral colors and a simple, organized look. Some people like to keep small plants in their kitchen also.

Well, the design and accessories are not the only part of an ideal kitchen. If your kitchen is not fully equipped to meet your purpose, there is no reason to call it ideal. The ideal kitchen will have everything that is compatible with your habits and make cooking for you easy and fun!

What is Happy Cooking?

When we imagine happy cooking, the scenes from rom-com movies light up in our brain where the girl dances around the kitchen making pancakes. However, that certainly is an expression of happiness but not always happy cooking is exactly that. You don’t have to dance around while cooking to express happiness in it.


Happy cooking is basically convenient for cooking. If you notice that every day making breakfast is inconvenient because your fridge is in the leaving room and your stove is in the kitchen, that is something you would like to change.

Many of us notice that we are facing difficulties and our work could be faster, but cannot pinpoint what actually makes it hard?

If you are imagining your kitchen to be a happy place, prioritize convenience. The rush hour during breakfast or the dinner-making at night; both can be enjoyable if your kitchen is built around your needs and habit.

For a newbie, to know what to consider and where to begin can be understandably challenging. Either you are remodeling your kitchen or you are building one fresh, certain guidelines will most definitely help you!

The Guidelines

Here are some guidelines that you can follow.

  • Make a List

Make a list of everything that you plan and you need. Make 3 different lists. One list will be of your furniture. Another will be of electronics and cooking appliances, and the third one for how you want colors and design to be like.

Listing of all things will make it easier for you to shop and arrange them in the kitchen. Keep in mind the space you have, so it does not look cluttered.

  • Consider Traffic

Before planning on how you will arrange and design the kitchen, think about how much traffic your kitchen will face. Imagine where people will walkthrough, and if you are a parent, consider how your kids will use the kitchen.

Many kitchens have doors to the basement or pantry. If your kitchen has too many doors, close one or two of them. That will increase space. Arrange the fridge, sink, the cabinets and stoves in such a way that it is easy to be used by all living in the house.

  • The Work Triangle

The work triangle used to be one of the most important things to be considered while planning kitchen decor. The triangle includes the refrigerator, the sink, and the cooking range. The trick is, these three things will be arranged in a triangle having the shortest distance between them. The appliances should be face front in the triangle.


Accordingly, it should not be longer than 8 meters or 26ft. A single side of the triangle must be between 4ft and 9ft. The cook must have enough space to work around without hindrance.

Many modern kitchen electronics are not included in the triangle. The microwave, coffee maker, etc. can be out here and based on needs to be included in the kitchen.

  • Deciding on Equipment

Both ovens and cooktops can be used for cooking everything you will need. First, decide what kind of power you will use for cooking. Will you cook with electricity or gas? Everything must be in sync before you start working.

Likewise, the dishwasher must always be next to the sink. The windows must be close to the stove or oven. The vent wall must be located on a wall facing outside otherwise all the fumes will go to the next room.

In addition, make sure your refrigerator has enough space and two separate sections for freeze and refrigeration. Storing day to day mild and heavy food together will get easily rotten; hence, food like fish and meat can be separated in this way.

  • Cabinets and Shelves

Kitchen cabinets are something you can go very flexible with. Many companies offer a versatile range of cabinets in different shapes and colors. Your cabinet must also have enough space to store everything you might need.

If you don’t have a pantry or storage space, you might want to have cabinets with wider space and opaque doors. Cabinets should not be placed over the cooktop. That will ruin the quality of the cabinet and make it sticky with grease.

  • Working Space

The countertop of your kitchen must have enough space to work on. You can design your countertops too! There are many options; cement, marble, and epoxy are popular now. Depending on your budget, choose a countertop that fits your kitchen best. The height of your countertop should be compatible with your size.

However, as this thing is customized, make it as comfortable for you as possible.

  • The Sink and Island

There are thousands of options for the sink. You should decide based on who will be using the sink. If you have children, build a sink with space around it, so the water does not splash everywhere. Make sure the quality is excellent and anti-scratch. A smooth sink is also easier to clean.

The island depends on the size of your kitchen. If you have a big kitchen with enough space, you can add a dining table or a fancy cook station.

  • Let It Express Your Personality

Allow your kitchen to be as you are. If you are a messy person, let it be messy! If you like bright colors, paint the brightest yellow you know. Let your kitchen be your happy place.


You can bond over food with anyone. It breaks barriers between people and helps them keep in contact. Let yourself realize that your kitchen is important in your life. The moments you spend in your kitchen are simple yet very precious. Decorate it the way you like and enjoy it!