How To Use A Manual Tire Changer?

Hey mates, today we’re going to tell you how to use a manual tire changer. It’s a very common tool for the auto repairing world and to every DIY worker.

This equipment requires no power connection or gaseous lines to operate it. You can operate a manual tire changer for all tires from 8 inches to light vehicle tires.

You can easily remove worn tires from rims with a portable manual tire changer. And also you can remount the new tire onto the rim with the same tool.

Let’s discuss step by step the use of a manual tire changer.

Step 1 – Assembly The Parts Of The Tire Changer

A manual tire changer already comes with an attached bead breaker to it. And so, you just need to attach other parts by bolts to the main piece and then assembly it. It’s simple than you think!

Step 2 – Set The Tire Changer In The Right Place

After you’re done the assembly of the tire changer parts, you need to set this to the floor of your garage or maybe on a wooden pallet.

But if you want to fix it to your garage floor it’s highly recommended to use a hammering drill and a masonry bit.

Because you have to drill a hole into your garage floors to put the base of the anchors. You can use bolts to secure the joint of anchors and floor.

And when you’re done it, you can easily undo the bolts and set it anywhere of the garage as you want.

Step 3 – Press On The Valve Of The Tire

Now, Press on the valve stem of the tire and allow all the inside air to release.

Step 4 – Place The Tire On The Tire Changer

Place the tire on one of the tire changer’s legs and set the tee shot parts of the tool right between the tire and rim.

Then use a pry bar to make pressure on the tire. Set the pry bar into the slot of the tire changer and push it down.

Finally, turn the tire 180 degrees and repeat this step again. As a result, the tire will loose from the rim.

Step 5 – Place The Tire Onto The Top Of The Machine

Next is time to put the wheel on the top of the tire changer but what you want to make sure is to unscrew the pin from the top first.

After setting the tire on the top, put a spider look washer on the tire which gonna secure the tire from tilting. Then screw the top of the tire changer again.

Step 6 – Take Out The Tire From The Rim

Insert a pry bar between the spaces of the tire and rim and rotate the bar clockwise to remove the tire from the rim completely.

Step 7 – Set A New Tire On The Rim

You can apply lubricant or soapy water to the edge of the tire to make your work easy. Set the new tire on the top of the rim and again insert the pry bar between the tire and rim to set the edge of the tire over the edge of the rim.

Repeat the step until the tire finally set on the rim.

Your work is done!

Final Words

Using a manual tire changer is not a hard work to do. You can visit the web for more info about it.

Hope this article will help you to know how to use a manual tire changer easily.

Thanks for stay with us.