How To Choose The Right Height Stool?

Stools, for classy people, are great furniture for their kitchen. Height stool not only helpful but it also gives your kitchen a modern look.

Choosing the right stools for your kitchen is a bit difficult because there are so many factors you have to look for, including comfort, style and height.

Here we will provide a quick guide for you to choose the right height stool for your loving kitchen.

Measuring The Right Height

To choose the right height stool for your kitchen, it’s necessary to have enough knowledge about the height. Table, bar, and counter, whatever type of stool you choose, it is important for you to know the measurement of both stool and its location.

Here we create a table for you to understand easily the accurate height measurement of different types of stools.


Stool Category Place measurement Necessary stool height
Table stool Generally, tabletop are 28″-30″  tall from surface to seat Need a table stool with 18″ seat height
Counter stool Countertops surfaces are typically 36″-39″ tall from the surface Need a 24″-26″ Counter stool from the floor surface to seat
Breakfast Bar stool Breakfast Bar tops are normally have 40″-42″ height Need to choose a bar stool around 28″-30″ tall

But always ensure at least 9″-13″ gap between the stool seat and the table, bar or counter for comfort seating.

Think About The Style

After finishing the accurate measurements of the stool height, you must look for its style. Always try to choose a stool that matches with your kitchen décor.

There is a variety of stools styles available in the market including antique, vintage backless, and full-Back and so on.

stools styles

Some people love to set 4-legged stools in the kitchen and some likes oval base stools. You can’t swivel 4-legged stools at 360 degrees. But oval base stools allow you to adjust the height and it has swivel ability in 360 degrees.

Someone likes to customize the kitchen island stools to fit in with their kitchen style. The overall fact is that choosing a stool is depends on your taste.

Consider The Location You Set The Stool

It’s important. Because the stool style depends on where you fix it.

For example, if you fix stools in a narrow or busy space of your kitchen, choosing a backless stool is comfortable for you that you can easily move for your need.

But if you set stools in an open space where you want to entertain and spend a long time, stool with a broad back and armrest is perfect.

Stool Materials

Of course, you don’t want to buy a stool that you may have to replace soon. Stool material is a major fact to ensure its durability. And sometimes choosing stools materials depends on its usage.

If you use the stool in the food serving space of the kitchen, always choose a stool that needs low maintenance like – leather, metal or wood made stool.

If you use it in the upholstery area, a stool made with microfiber is best for its easy cleaning facility.

Final Words

A perfect Stool will make an enormous difference in the decor of your kitchen, doesn’t matter if your kitchen is traditional or modern.

We Hope, this article will helpful for you to choose the right height stool for your kitchen.